Passion for banking is our driving force.

  • experience

    Our team is comprised of professionals with business, banking and capital management experience gained in London and Zurich.

  • discrection

    By learning from the best our company has established an extremely restrictive data confidentiality policy.

  • security

    All accounts are opened exclusively in reputable Swiss and Liechtenstein banks.

  • prompt action

    We can open a fully functional account without our Clients’ visiting Switzerland or Liechtenstein within just 30 days.

    Switzerland and Liechtenstein are home to most reputable investment banks that have provided their uninterrupted services for royal families, as well as banking and business clans for over 250 years.

    Our team


    Find about the greatest advantages of holding accounts in Switzerland and Liechtenstein


    The legendary Swiss banking secrecy protects your money against tax authorities and succession proceedings.


    The account has a SWIFT number and an accompanying payment card.


    The minimum opening deposit is only CHF 5000, while standard offers involve as much as CHF 2 million.


    Nearly 4000 investment products available through banking platforms.


    We open accounts both for individual and corporate Clients. Find more about our offer.


    The legendary Swiss banking system has long encouraged investors and rentiers from all over the world to entrust their funds to its most secure institutions that function in a stable legal and financial system.

    Today’s growing financial invigilation makes investors look for new solutions to invest their funds.

    European banks can no longer ensure even partial confidentiality. The Polish banking system and culture in particular depart sharply from the standards of private banking, thus making Poland one of the world’s least protected environments for your capital.

    A number of institutions like Replica Breitling watches the Revenue Office, National Insurance Institution, Court or Revenue Enforcement Officers all have access to the funds on your accounts. Your money can in no time at all be seized following an unfounded order. Bank officers perform the orders of any state authorities with no hesitation at all.

    Swiss accounts are totally different. They continue to offer top confidentiality, banking secrecy and security.


    Liechtenstein provides an alternative to Swiss accounts. The country’s banking services are known for their high standards and confidentiality. In addition, they are ideal to diversify the places where your capital is stored.

    Just like Switzerland, Liechtenstein is a state which guarantees protection against seizure, as well as full banking secrecy.

    Usually, it is impossible to open an account without a capital of 2 million Swiss francs, the prospect account holder’s travelling to Liechtenstein and undergoing highly complicated verification procedures.

    Our experience however lets us provide the service without our Client’s going to Liechtenstein, based on our guarantee, and with as little as CHF 5000 to be deposited on the new account.

    It is true indeed that despite the growing restrictions on the banking secrecy, businessmen, royal families, banking clans and private individuals who want to store their funds in secure ways still hold their Swiss and Liechtenstein accounts.

    Business accounts

    Regardless of the range of business, all enterprises appreciate security and quick access to capital.

    The Polish tax jurisdiction does not facilitate business operations. There have been cases of seizing bank accounts of companies that found themselves lose their liquidity before the investigative procedure was complete.

    Additionally, with more complicated off-shore structures, holding an account in any European bank is a factor that impedes the functioning of the whole structure as it makes possible identification of the main account’s holder or beneficiary.

    Therefore, we have created conditions for our Clients to be able to easily open in Switzerland accounts for their companies and foundations registered in the so called tax heavens, while retaining full anonymity.

    Account price list

    4000 EUR

    Bank secrecy: Yes

    Protection against seizure: Yes

    Investment platform: Yes

    Payment card: Yes

    Minimum deposit: 5000 EUR

    Other currencies: Yes

    Otwarcie: 30 days

    Konto Biznesowe
    5000 EUR

    Bank secrecy: Yes

    Protection against seizure: Yes

    Investment platform: Yes

    Payment card: Yes

    Minimum deposit: 10 000 EUR

    Other currencies: Yes

    Opening: 60 days

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    Biuro D4/1, POLAND